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Access Point keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

New Contributor II


  I have a network of 300+ access points and a zone director to manage. I have one AP that keeps disconnecting automatically. It stays on for about a minute then disconnects for several hours. It does this several times every day.

My aim is to locate the AP so I can check the cable / replace the AP. My problem is that I have no way to locate it. I have tried to use the MAC address to search my switches mac address table but it is gone too quickly.

Does anyone have any ideas to locate a disconnected AP?

Many thanks,

Tim Franklin


Esteemed Contributor II
The ZD Monitor/Access Points page should provide the last known IP address of this mis-behaving AP.  From the top/right of your ZD WebUI is a Toolbox, with Network Connectivity, offering Ping and Tracert, that might lead you thru the routers/switches to help find it.

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  Thanks for the input. We statically assign the IP so I have that, although switches only work on the layer 2 (MAC) so you cannot use IP to locate a device. Also it all falls under the same network so it doesn't hit a router. 

Do you know if Ruckus has any history reporting tool that I can see trends? This may help identify when it will come back on next.

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Hi Tim,

Do you have MESH enabled on the ZD?
If yes, then i think from mesh neighbour list you can see which all AP's see this problematic AP which will narrow down possible area and its switch where this AP could be mounted/installed...

I know this will not help entirely but adding another step which possible could..

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You can add external syslog to switches and get logs about ports going up and down. Usually there must be only a few. Also,  you know MAC address, and it will be also visible in the log.
You also can allow debugging on ZD (under administration/ diagnostics/ debug logs, choosing only AP section,  but it still  may create a lot of data, so external syslog is a better idea. To analyse ZD debug log you need support account and use proper tool on support site.