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Can the Wifi 6 AP compatible with Wifi 5 ? (Ruckus r750 ---Ruckus r500)

New Contributor

Hi all,

I am now using normal web page to control our Ruckus Unleashed AP with no any watchdog or central management device.

R500, R510 ,R710  purchase and expand the network at different times.

(A) All my AP wired the network cable to same switch,  Should I need e

(B)  If I purchase R750 (AX) Wifi-6 to replace my R500 .

       Any problem appear to when I add R750 (AX) Wifi-6  into my exiting WIFI-5 (AC)network?

      Can I still control all AP in one portal webpage?

Thx all.

Image_ images_messages_61af333c49c6e64e2a4ff062_aedeff93d45ba958e84d9e469e9dece2_ap-28d19ce4-b6ed-4ee5-ae23-d8ae961b9247-1413029470.jpg

@darrelmay One more thing ... is there a way to just downgrade the R750 to ... or is that not the issue anyway?

@darrelmay Sorry Darrel, mean to tag @karthik . 🙂

200.7 did not have support for R750. 200.8 is the first version to support R750 as a new AP.

See for AP compatibility with firmware versions.


@karthik Yep -- understood. There's no versions that overlap between R750 and R500. So, since I don't want to just throw away the R500's ... or limit myself to just R500's given the R750 sitting here, that leaves just the other item:

Am I understanding from what you are saying that I can get the R500 to work if I pull them off ethernet, and let them instead mesh to the R750?  Will the R750 still act as master?

New Contributor

Got it. Thank you darrel , sanjay  ,karthik!!!