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Can't get a unleashed T710 to sync to a T710 Unleashed Master

New Contributor II
So I have 2 Unleashed T710's that I am trying to get working with another Unleashed T710 that is setup as a master. Firmware is up to date on all 3 units. I have factory reset the units, but once it gets the info from the master, it reboots and keeps rebooting (red power light, then it flashes green for a second, then off and starts over again). I have also connected 2 Unleashed T610's with no issues. The Master T710 is powered by a PoE injector, the out is going to a CISCO PoE switch, that powers all of the other units. I have 12 more T710's on order to be used for a music festival and I have to get this figured out.

Esteemed Contributor II
Try connecting to the problem T710 by itself, off the LAN.  Is it responding after factory default, allowing super/sp-admin GUI login if you've pre-configured your AP in 192.168.0.x?  I wonder if it's loaded with Unleashed code...?

I am starting to wonder if the firmware update did not go thru all the way on these 2 units?

New Contributor II
Yes, it does have the current release of the Unleashed code. We bought the T710 as Unleashed units to start with. I would have expected possible issues with the T610 since we had to Unleash them. I can login to the units after a factory reset as a standalone unit. As soon as I connect it to the PoE switch to get back to the Master AP, the issue starts all over again.

New Contributor II

I setup the alarm function on the master. This is what I am getting when one of the T710 connects to the master T710. 

An alarm 'AP Has Joined' was triggered.



AP[f0:3e:90:1a:dc:a0] joins with uptime [120] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : reset button]