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Can't add Apple devices to the Network

New Contributor
Need instruction on how to connect Apple devices to my Ruckus network. Androids and Windows devices work fine with using the WLAN Provisioning via the link to my ZD. iPads and iPhones won't connect

I think @FCPGC Technicians above has it right - this is actually an IOS restriction and not something we can fix.

Esteemed Contributor II
They need to run the prov.apk provisioning utility from the /activate page.

Valued Contributor II
Here's a useful guide that goes into a little more detail on Michael's statement -

New Contributor
We are experiencing the same issue. I even see that the wireless key has installed, but everytime I try to go to the internet using Safari, I get bounced back to the Onboarding portal and so begins the cycle.
We have tried restarting the device, reinstalling, but nothing will get us out of the loop. It only happens on Apple devices; ipad, iphones, Macs etc..

Contributor II
Pam: Did you or Ruckus support solve your problem?