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Slow throughput on WLAN w/ three ZF 7942s

New Contributor II
Our office's wireless network has been very slow lately and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why.

We have a Comcast cable @ 100 down / 20 up. A system plugged into our network via Ethernet consistently gets full speed. However, wireless clients are getting about 5, maybe 10MBps download speeds.

I've run speedflex tests on each of the APs and the meter is pinned (though, if I understand correctly, that's just a test of the speed between the AP and the ZoneDirector).

We're running a ZD 1k with three ZF 7942 APs - at present, the APs have 11, 23 and 37 clients connected (this is pretty typical). All units are fully up-to-date.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Valued Contributor
You kind of answered this one your self.

" the APs have 11, 23 and 37 " on a "100 down / 20 up" line. Any wired clients there also? How much speed are you expecting?

Paste an RF info log here, where it says

------------ PHY Error Stats ------------


------------ Airtime Stats ------------

Let's see if there is anything else there.

I would suggest a trade-up program for a new 1100.