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C110 Upgrade Firmware Greyed Out

New Contributor

I think I previously posed this in the wrong category.  Sorry about that.  I didn't realize initially how this forum worked.

I have a c110 that has both firmware buttons (Online Upgrade & Local Upgrade) greayed out (see screenshot).  Something perhaps went wrong in an upgrade somewhere...  Is there a way to start at the beginning with a known good starter firmware and reset to factory defaults.  Perhaps with Putty/SSH  or upgrading off of a USB thumb drive?

Image_ images_messages_6176fe0f793b38530dd06e9d_89c04c5740d4275c33b090162190c25f_C110FirmwareGreyedOut-33a72e22-b30d-47fa-bb79-90436bb9c77d-279518979.png

@david_saez The log on the FTP server indicates the file is being requested by the C110 and the server successfully sends the file from the FTP server to the C110.

What is the next low level way of flashing firmware?  Is there a USB drive option?  JTAG?