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C110 Firmware upgrade issues continue

New Contributor

Today I got a brand new C110 out of the box.  Put it on the work bench to see if I could recreate the firmware upgrade issue that I am having on my production C110.

I flashed UNLEASED C110_200.

Then reset to factory defaults by holding down the HARD RESET button for 20 seconds.

Now, both my bench C110 and the production C110 have the same issue.  I cant upgrade the firmware any further.  All the upgrade options are grayed out.

Image_ images_messages_617f3b9eb847c30f8e28658d_bc834d6003024314a4073b96fc2d108d_Ruckus_UpgradeGreyedOut-074943ee-850f-4a16-bbd3-3ec5877b2428-1002310117.png
I logged out and logged back in and for the first time read the splash screen that is begging me to register the product.  It clearly says I wont be able to upgrade the software ("firmware") without product registration.
Image_ images_messages_617f3b9eb847c30f8e28658d_be96571f5c7741da13c99a479e95f165_Ruckus_Register-a788aa7d-f282-45f4-91a5-adf08e457102-547299564.png
Well...  that's annoying, but ok.  Ill register.  I click the "register" button.  A window pops up telling me I will be taken to the registration site, I click "OK" but nothing happens...
What should I do now?
Image_ images_messages_617f3b9eb847c30f8e28658d_326cdd451c2de88029007d5cd25db1b4_Ruckus_Register_OK_Button-34a66e59-4f9d-4ed4-bf9f-b631f2b6472c-1429494378.png