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Autoconfigure R500 on offsite VSM

New Contributor II
I'm struggling to get all this to work the way I need it to.

We have about 37 Ruckus R500s with an offsite host for the "Virtual SmartZone- High Scale" and the supplier isn't exactly very helpful...
I am only seeing 35 APs in the VSZ and they are now all showing as offline.
I want to add a new AP to the system to see what is going on.

Many of the devices were configured via CLI before being installed by the supplier. I need to be able to configure the devices in another way. I am looking at DHCP options to configure the devices and I need to do 3 things with our Windows Server 2016 DHCP

1) Configure the devices to switch to the wireless management VLAN
2) Configure the "set director addr (this option appears to be missing from the CLI now)
3) Configure the "set provisioning-tag "

I'm struggling with configuring the DHCP and need some assistance.

I want to make use of the Vendor Classes to make my life easier and prevent conflicts with our coming VoIP system.
So I'm guessing I create a Vendor Class with the ASCII of "Ruckus CPE"
In Predefined Options, I need to add the new Option Types.
Each Option Type needs a name, data type, and code but I cannot find any consistent information on what these 3 entries should be.
Once the options have been created, I need to add configurations into them into the scope options. But again, these are not very clearly defined that I can make sense of.

Am I barking up the wrong tree or is this actually possible?

Tell that to this site that pops up each time I try access many support links.

And by "and the supplier isn't exactly very helpful..." I mean they are in control of our licences, determine many of our settings and restrict our access to configurations and their servers are hosting the vSZ for multiple clients, our system is just one part of it. So we don't actually have any access to what we need to get this sorted, which is why I came here.

New Contributor
This article explain how to set the DHCP Option 43 for auto provisioning Ruckus AP to SmartZone / SCG. It use Mikrotik as router in the example. 

And it is not behind the paywall. Hope this help.

You will need to use this tools to transform the controller's IP Address to HEX value for the Option 43 value field.