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Using Vendor Specific Classes in DHCP to assign Option 43

New Contributor
Hello All,

I need to setup option 043 on my DHCP server using Vendor Specific Classes for my AP's there are other devices in the system that need option 043 so I have to use Vendor Specific Classes.

This is using a Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP server;

I've tried created a VSC using both "Ruckus" and "Ruckus CPE" then set option 043 for the Zone Director IP Address, I know the option settings are correct as putting them in the standard option 043 works.

Neither of these VSC's work, has anyone else got this working?

New Contributor II
I too had this issue. 

To make this work I defined a vendor class ID with the ASCII characters "Ruckus CPE". I then created a predefined option in the class named option 43 with code 006. Then I created the scope option. Using the advanced tab in scope options I chose the custom Ruckus CPE vendor class and predefined option I had created and entered the two controller IPs with a comma between them in the ASCII field.

If your using ZDs use code 003 when creating the predefined option in the vendor class.

I'd like to elaborate that this configuration is on Windows Servers in order to have option 43 provided to only Ruckus clients which include "Ruckus CPE" option 60 in DHCP request.

New Contributor
This article explain how to set the DHCP Option 43 for auto provisioning Ruckus AP to SmartZone / SCG. It use Mikrotik as router in the example. 

And it is not behind the paywall. Hope this help.

You will need to use this tools to transform the controller's IP Address to HEX value for the Option 43 value field.