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Anyone have trouble connecting their Sonos to their Ruckus R510 unleashed?

New Contributor III
I have 4 APs at the office all R510s with R510_200.   - for some reason my Sonos can't even find it.   I have 2.4GHz enabled.   I know with some APs I've worked with in the past I've had to enable multicast.  I couldn't find that in the GUI.   I found a very unclear thread that sounded like  you couldn't use unleashed or might need a zone director - I couldn't make heads or tails of what the environment that does or doesn't work with Sonos.    Can anyone answer for my specific environment?

Hi Jim,

Yes, set that value to 0 (zero means disable).

The link shared is a premium contents of if you don't have premium access, link may not work for you. I just tried and able to open both links.

Syamantak Omer

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Both KBA links Syamantak provided should be visible on our Support portal.

The first one is titled Sonos connection recommendations and guidelines:

The second one has details on disabling directed Multicast on Unleashed:

If you who have newest, other Sonos equipment, find that any of these do not help, or that other commands were helpful, please let me/us know, and we'll update our articles, thanks!

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Thanks - I tried both the boost and the  MC/BC  settting to zero.   I didn't have any luck with the boost but fortunately the  MC/BC solved the issue.   Thanks again!

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I called Ruckus Support about the settings configuration. The customer service person was very helpful in starting the ticket. An engineer called me right away, but I could not do anything this late at night. So he sent me an email with the program and commands that I'll be using to set everything up but he seemed to know that it was a multicast issue right away.