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r650 installation help please

New Contributor

I have a non R650 unleashead.
1- How can I pull this device from hotzone mode to unleashead mode?
  2- I also want this device to get ip from the firewall connected on the switch. How can i get ip from dhcp in firewall. Could you please help which ports will be tagged or untagged?




Follow below steps:

  1. Power up the AP, push the reset button and hold it for 12 seconds. This will default the AP to factory mode.
  2. Now connect this AP to network port (In your case, firewall) and let it get an IP address over untagged VLAN (by default AP will talk over untagged frames).
  3. Make sure this AP cannot reach the existing controller IP (if it is managed by a controller at present).
  4. Once it gets the IP, access the AP (username: super || password: sp-admin) and the flash it to Unleashed version. Download image can be found here
  5. Post flashing the AP with Unleashed image, configure it as per your requirements.

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