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After meshing 2 R710s, several clients can't access the internet

New Contributor II
For the longest time, we had the two APs separate because the first of the two was set up prior to me working here. That AP started disconnected randomly so I decided to reset it (because I didn't have the credentials) and mesh the networks as I thought that would be a good idea. However, as the title states, I have a handful of clients that cannot access the internet after meshing the two R710s.

Some notes:
  • The clients can't connect may acquire a connection but it would be for 30m-180m. 
  • Most clients experience 0 issues.
  • When troubleshooting the MAC addresses I get the error code "(code
    6)Received class2 frame from non-auth STA"
  • I have outright blocked all personal devices from connecting to the network until I find a remedy

I'm desperate for a solution, let me know if you have any questions and will be very appreciative of any help.

interesting. is there a Vlan in play? or do clients fail regardless of SSID/Vlan?