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After meshing 2 R710s, several clients can't access the internet

New Contributor II
For the longest time, we had the two APs separate because the first of the two was set up prior to me working here. That AP started disconnected randomly so I decided to reset it (because I didn't have the credentials) and mesh the networks as I thought that would be a good idea. However, as the title states, I have a handful of clients that cannot access the internet after meshing the two R710s.

Some notes:
  • The clients can't connect may acquire a connection but it would be for 30m-180m. 
  • Most clients experience 0 issues.
  • When troubleshooting the MAC addresses I get the error code "(code
    6)Received class2 frame from non-auth STA"
  • I have outright blocked all personal devices from connecting to the network until I find a remedy

I'm desperate for a solution, let me know if you have any questions and will be very appreciative of any help.

Esteemed Contributor II
What controller platform are you using, SmartZone, ZoneDirector, or Unleashed?

On a ZD, go to the Monitor::Mesh page, and what is the Signal Strength shown between the Mesh AP and your Root AP?

With less than 3 APs in proximity, a controller will not adjust AP channels.  But if you reboot the Root AP, it will look for the
best frequency channel at that time, and your Mesh AP will re-connect on the channel the Root selects.

You may have a marginal signal strength between Root and Mesh AP, which means slower connections for Mesh AP clients.

Let us know if you have any more information.

Thank you for your response! I am using Unleashed. Also, in an attempt to fix this I've reset the AP's to MFG settings and reconfigured one of them and I am running into the same issue, even with a small sample size of people/clients. (Currently 24) So there must be something simple I am missing. 

Here is what is happening: Some devices can connect to the network but unable to access the internet. When I troubleshoot their MAC address, it reports they are disocnnected by admin and deuathentication occurs. With the error code reported earlier. (code6)Received class2 frame from non-auth STA (screenshot below)

*It seems I am unable to edit my post since it's received a reply. I may be inclined to create a new post since the issue I'm experiencing it's drastically different than the subject and initial content suggests. But I'll give it some time before doing that.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c496135b77e247affdfc_59c98e0e7400145396370d7a09107a6e_RackMultipart20190827134151f7o-c4a55aac-673c-4453-a28d-35f3f78cb905-162073071.png1566922984

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VZ-H 5.1.1.x, a mesh enabled site, any AP setup as Root Mesh fails to deliver clients onto VLAN10 via its SSIDs. I remove MESH from the AP, clients can access Vlan10. Turn MESH back on the AP, and suddenly no more VLAN 10 access for clients. 
In the above scenario, Wireshark shows my client requests leaving the Ap, hitting the firewall, leaving the firewall, but I never see the request back at the AP(using the built-in Capture Stream command and sniffing eth0). 
I wonder what WIRESHARK would show for your issue.

I'll do some digging on WIRESHARK but in case you missed my recent reply, I am running into the same issue when I remove "mesh" as a variable.