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Adding zf7962 to existing network

New Contributor III

Hi - I have a Zoneflex ZD3050 that i need to add an additional ZF7962 to the network, and i was wondering a couple things. 

1. Is there any way to preconfigure it with an IP address/network info without the controller before I go to the location of where it needs to be installed? If possible, I'd like to preconfigure it, then once connected, it works, if this is possible. 

2. If not, does the controller see the device automatically once it's connected to the network, and then it can be configured? 


Valued Contributor II

This easy:

1. If your network is configured to provide ZD IP through DHCP or DNS, you don't need to do anything.

2. If you have ZD on same VLAN as APs, you don't need anything.

3. You always can (and I recommend it) manually provision AP: connect through SSH to AP (factoryu deafault is IP, user: super , password: sp-admin ) and give command:

set director IP

where you put correct IP address of controller, of cause.

For this to work there are some requirements:

1) Network in case provide DHCP IP for AP

2) AP has compatible firmware image (it would be standalone or ZD image with similar version)

It works very well, and I always do so before going on-site.

Thank you so much for your information. I did exactly as you described, and it worked. What I also did, and please tell me if this is ok, I set the IP address and network information prior to going on-site too, under the status/internet section. I configured it exactly like another AP thats working, of course with a different IP. I dont know if it's necessary that the device is set up with DHCP at first. Please let me know, thank you!