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Access vSZ managed Ruckus AP (R320) via SSH

New Contributor III

Hi, I am trying to access the vSZ managed Ruckus AP via SSH, however it is not accepting the username & password.

Login as: (press enter)

Please login: admin
Password: I am entering the admin password, this is the same password I use to logon to the Ruckus controller.

Tried super and sp-admin, which doesnt work either.

Is there a different username or password for ssh ?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.



yes, different username and password, see details in the zone

Image_ images_messages_60882a58131c1e0a9577e598_b3b898de7170532e020849ee35d7a854_ScreenShot042721at05.13PM-84eb5e07-dad0-4eb0-9b22-84eb7d0a77c7-887538366.PNG

you need to reset the AP first

if the AP has a connection to the controller, change username and password for the AP's in the controller, that schould work, if not, then do a reset of the AP and use the default username and password

New Contributor III

Hi @bicky_budha if you linked before to ZD and now you want to Access as standalone, I recommending to reset to default the AP first and then try with super and sp-admin.