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Smart Zone 100 Flagged status, license and support activation

New Contributor III
Dear support,

I am working with Ruckus Smart Zone, Ruckus AP (outdoors and indoors) first time in my life and I have some question in hope that someone will help me out in my role in this big project.

I had to configure 2 Smart Zone controllers so they can work in cluster - if one fails (leader) the other one (follower) will take his role so that way we can have redudancy in the network.

When I finished making new cluster and joining the other smart zone in the existing cluster I tried to restart them one by one so I can check if controllers will come back "online" and if they are taking the leader role. One thing that I noticed is that one controller after restart has "Flagged" status. When I restart the other one it just comes back "online" not "flagged". My concern is that I saw some posts where people say that their APs will work fine even if their status if "flagged". Can someone explain me why is this happening and is that having any bad impact on the network or is that normal?

The other question I have is about activating license/support on my devices. After receiving e-mail from ruckus with "Acctivation Code" and following instructions I get a message “You can not activate this code. Your account does not match the sales order”.

I tried to keep this post short, If you need me to provide you with more information please let me know. 


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Milan,

Did you notice the error of the flagged alert? Click on that flag or get the error screen shot which will help us to understand the issue.

I believe this is not a flagged alert on the AP.

About the License error, please contact our Welcome center with the Activation code and the Device Serial so that they can map the license resolve the issue.

Below is the support link to contact.

baseboard temperature

flagged status baseboard temperature issue