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Access point switching channels even-though i'm configured it to to static

New Contributor

Hi Community,
I recently changed the access point configuration to work on static channels but it still switches between channels every 15-20 minutes. Can anyone help me to clarify what's the issue? I am a beginner in these kinds of things. 
Thank you in advance


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Avicii 

Could you please confirm the AP model and firmware version ?

Please confirm if AP is managed by smartzone/unleashed/Zonedirector ?

Could you please attached the screen shot of the configuration where you have configured AP on the static channel ?

Hi  @Ayush_Tripathi ,
Thank you for replying. 
I'm using RUCKUS R650, R550 and R320. It is managed by unleased.
Firmware version:




Hello @Avicii 

Could you please try to override the Radio 5 ghz configuration and select the channel 153 only and then check if AP still switching the channel.



Hi @Ayush_Tripathi,

Thank you for helping me out. Let me try that and observe if it has stopped.
It hasn't been changing for a long time. It switches for a short burst and then returns to that static channel. Not only on 5GHz channels, but it also changes to 2.4GHz channels as well.