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Access Points - help me make a decision.

New Contributor II
Need some help in decision making. This is for my house, 3k sqft, single level, ~40 wifi clients
I am split between
1. Two used R610 unleashed in mesh($300) from ebay - used, but enterprise class
2. Two TP Link EAP245 ($200)- cheapest, but still good.
3. Two Netgear business WAP610, wifi6 ($330)- expensive but wifi6
What I observed:
1. I feel the EAP and WAP610 on stand alone mode has tad more dbm than R610. Netgear in wifi6 connects at 1Gbps speed at times.
2. I really like the enterprise controls, parental controls etc available in R610 - not available in other two
3. Netgear packs wifi6, other two do not, this is my biggest gripe, should I stick to wifi6.
1. Seamless hand-off - will two R610's on a e-mesh support this? I do lots of video calls walking back and forth.
2. Family appreciates strong, stable and reliable wifi - I get into trouble if I cannot do that!
2. What are you suggestions?
All and any help appreciated!


Contributor III
I'm using a single R610 for 3k Sqft, two-story home, plus the AP covers most of my back yard at about -19dBm which is okay for casual stuff and nets me about 5-7mb/s of speed whilst in the garden or at my pool. I do not recommend eBay however, cheap they may be. You lose a lot of support when you need it.
Best of Luck!

I would not do Ebay as they are more than likely not supported AP's.  If you have the capability bring them into a central switch and use unleashed as they will then do all the roaming features etc. If you were to mesh them you will lose some of your through put on the 5ghz and 5ghz through walls is not that great compared to 2.4ghz or just use the 5ghz for the mesh and don't push the SSID's out the 5ghz only the 2.4ghz.  R610's are great radios but are not WIFI6 capable as you know.  The R650 in a house works really good and in larger homes either multiple R650's or the R750.  

@Andrew Giancola,

you getting -19dBm, that's amazing!

I am standing next to the AP (2 feet away) and the max I can get is -31dBm!

@Tim Brumbaugh - I have the unleashed firmware on R610. If the seamless handoffs are not going to work that great with two R610:

I am wondering if I should mix and match one R610 and Netgear WAX610, it gives me enterprise grade features (R610) and wifi 6 (WAX610).

I will put these in two corners of the house and keep the same SSIDs and authentication and other settings same and call it a day!