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unleashed r310

New Contributor III
Hello good evening, my question is the steps to follow to change the firmware from the r310 model to stand alone mode to fimware unleashed and once I make the change to unleashed mode, I can manage my network from my cell phone and in the same way the steps to follow to register my ap, I would greatly appreciate your response, greetings

RUCKUS Team Member

For upgrading the AP to Unleashed version:

1. What is the current firmware version of the AP?
2. If it is running on ZD or vSZ firmware then, factory reset the AP >> load the the below standalone version 110 on the AP.
3. We can upgrade from the GUI itself.
4. Once the AP is upgraded, load the below Unleashed version on the AP.

For Managing the Unleashed from Mobile:
Please refer the below link and check the section "Enabling Mobile App Remote Management" and "Generating an Unleashed ID".

I hope this helps.

New Contributor
Dear Sanjay, I have the same issue but I have done as you requested above and it was not successful.  My R310 is currently on software  .  It is not letting me upgrade to the next file linked in point 5 above.

New Contributor
Also I just tried an older version (R310_200. and received error message: 

Upgrade/Downgrade from FSI to UI is not allowed.

Hi Ayoub,

Can you help me with the below command output from the AP?
"fw show all"

You might have to type "ap-mode" if the CLI prompt is "ruckus#"