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Access Point not connecting to SmartZone

New Contributor II
We have setup Access point with Smart Zone-100 controller. but AP is not conect with SZ100. pls help how to troubleshoot, i'm new in ruckus infra.

Hi Emrah,

Thanks for clarification, wanted to be sure about that you are not using that.

When you log into the AP's ssh and run "get log syslog", do you see any error messages ?

This should shed some light on this issue.

If nothing works, we can try upgrading the AP with 3.x firmware and have the AP connect to the controller.

Abilash PR.

Hi Abilash,
Thanks for the quick reply!
AP version 3.x ???
Where do I get that? I can't find it on download...

I don't see any errors on the AP. (get syslog log)

I'm also trying to put the DHCP Option 43 on my OPNsense router:
OPNSense: [Services]->[DHCPv4]->[LAN]:
Additional options -> (adding the following value):
Type= IP addrerss or host
Value= (my vSZ)

Best regards,
Emrah Engin

Resolved thanks to you!
Hello again Abilash!

So the following worked perfectly!

DHCP Option 43 did it!: Thanks to your post on:

I could determine the HEX value for my vSZ:

1. 06 being the suboption for the vSZ
2. 0a being the length of the characters of my vSZ IP ( = 10 characters including the dots (.)
3. 3137322e31372e302e36 being the HEX code of my vSZ IP
(i used an online converter

OPNSense: [Services]->[DHCPv4]->[LAN]:
Additional options -> (adding the following value):
Type= text
Value= 060a3137322e31372e302e36

I did the following with my r500:
1.set factory
3.Upgraded firmware to standalone 110.0
4.set scg ip
5.set director
6.set discovery-agent enabled (already enabled by default)

And it popped in my vSZ!

Thank you very much Abilash !!!

New Contributor III
Hi Sameer,

Please ssh into AP using default username and password (super/sp-admin), and try to check its firmware version. If you see any version apart from 3.x/5.x please ping to SZ's IP and check the connectivity.

If it is there isn't any issues then please share into SZ controller and run show lwapp2scg you should see "accept all" if see deny all please check below link and enable lwapp2scg.

After enabling this option please factory reset the AP, (press and hold small reset button on back of AP for 5-8 seconds), the AP should pop up in the controller.

If still have any trouble please share us AP support info ( run this command on AP " get log syslog" )to further diagnose the problem.

Welcome to Ruckus Family.

Thank you.

Abilash PR

New Contributor II
Hello Anusha and Abilsha,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion 

will check and PM.

Sameer M