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AP's not broadcasting

New Contributor
Hello, I have a ZD3050 and configured r700 & h500 AP’s, some AP’s show disconnected on the controller but they pass traffic on the LAN ports but they don’t broadcast the configured SSID’s. I have tried resetting but no change kindly assist.

New Contributor III
Hi Julius,

Please ssh into those APs and check if there are WLANs pushed into them.

Run "get wlanlist" and should see wlans up.

Under APs please see if you see any wlans on them, there may be some configuration mis- match.

Abilash PR.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Julius,

First, we should fix the AP disconnection issue with the ZD.

Please check the following things.

- Ping reachability between AP and ZD.
- Login to the AP SSH and validate if it has correct ZD's IP address or not.
- Check the firmware on the AP.
- swap the AP to a different switch port to rule out if there are any switch port issues.

I would request you to open a ticket with Technical support if the issue still persists as it is effecting the production environment.

- Anusha