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AP model compatible to Zonedirector 1100, firmware: build 15.

New Contributor III
Planning to purchase additional AP.  But I need to know what AP model compatible to my Zonedirector 1100, firmware: build 15.  Thank you.

Esteemed Contributor II
I've got $.02 too.  If you're running 9.6.1 on your ZD1100 today, you can have all legacy APs,
2942/2741, 7025/7055, 734x, 7363, 735x, 7372, 7962, 7982, and outdoor 776x, 778x, or 8800.

We recommend version (MR3) for ZD1100 users, that will support all those APs
(except 2942) and will have the most bug fixes and feature enhancements.

You can upgrade your ZD1100 as high as version 9.10, unless you have 7962/7762 model APs,
not supported after 9.9, or 7025s not supported in 9.10.  Version 9.10.2 (MR2) is the current
release.  Read the release notes for the backward upgrade path from your 9.6.1.

The upside to upgrading, are new model AP support.
R700            supported in 9.8
T300/T301   supported in 9.8.1
R500/R600  supported in 9.9
H500            supported in 9.10

New Contributor III
Hi guys,

Does upgrading a firmware require payment?
Thanks again for the reply.

Valued Contributor
No - the firmware doesn't.
I'm assuming you have a ruckus login that gets you to the relevant firmware download page.

Licences required for ZD and the number of APs you are running.

New Contributor
Possuo uma Controller ZD 1100 e adquiri AP ́s R610. Caso atualize o firmware, seria possível utilizá-los usando a Controller ?? Obrigado.