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AP model compatible to Zonedirector 1100, firmware: build 15.

New Contributor III
Planning to purchase additional AP.  But I need to know what AP model compatible to my Zonedirector 1100, firmware: build 15.  Thank you.

Valued Contributor
Hi Roy,

You can see which models 9.6.1 supports by downloading the release notes of that version.

But if you upgrade to a more recent version your ZD1100 can support more models.

Kind regards

Valued Contributor
Martin is absolutely correct.

Caveat: If you decide to upgrade (usually a very good thing) be if an older model is not supported in those release notes it will not work with your ZD. There is no "legacy" mode for old kit. Careful.

Is there a firmware upgrade to the AP? Will it work if we upgrade the firmware of the old AP's?

The firmware of the ZD determines all AP firmware.
If you upgrade the ZD the APs pick that up and upgrade to same level (assuming APs are on the supported types list in release notes of the upgrading firmware).
APs and ZD can only work together when on same firmware.

In a ZD environment the ZD controls firmware upgrading to APs, you do not do them separately.