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1100 auto config wont see aps

New Contributor
we have ZD 1100 set to auto detect but it does not see them

New Contributor
ZOne director 1106 was upgraded to 12 ports if that makes a difference

Valued Contributor II
Hi Bill,

Could be lots of things, not much to go on this a new installation (so it has never worked?). Or is it a working ZD1106 and when you added the 6 AP license then things broke?

What version of ZoneFlex is running?

What models of AP's do you have?

How are the AP's logically connected (same LAN, same VLAN, across a switch, routed, NAT'd, etc) to the ZD? Are you running across a tunnel or using MPLS?

If the ZD isn't seeing anything at all from the APs the most likely issue is L2/L3 connectivity isn't right.