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Zoneplanner transmit power levels

New Contributor II
HI there,

I am doing my first zone planner job and need to adjust my transmit power levels to the correct level.

I have found this document that tells me the levels to set, but the levels quoted for 7363 on 2.4GHz for EU doesn't seem right. It tells me the TX power should be 25mW.
The 5GHz TX power level is quoted as 126mW.
If I use both these figures the coverage maps comes out almost the same on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which obviously isn't right in practice.

Has there been a typo and the 2.4GHz level should be 125mW?



New Contributor III
Gerrad, could you please confirm the software version for Ruckus Planner so that we can check?

New Contributor III
Hi Gerrad,
This is actually not a typo in the training doc.
What you are seeing is the difference in transmission characteristics of 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz. Free space loss is dependent on both distance and frequency. For the same distance and transmit power, a 5 GHz signal will be about 6.5dB lower than a 2.4 GHz signal (to delve into the theory, see the Friis transmission equation).

The power levels you entered basically compensate for this difference - 126mW is 7dB higher than 25mW, so the heat maps appear almost the same.

Best regards,

New Contributor II
HI Dave,

Thanks for that.
We figured that must have been the reason why but you probably know as well as I do that 2.4 travels much further than 5 in practice.
What are the actual transmit power levels of the AP?

We are installing into a large house with lots of walls. Some are brick and some are drywall. Therefore we need to carefully plan where we need APs.
I set the project to be a closed office space but there is nothing for a house.

We are aiming to get pretty much full 5GHz coverage but there are a couple of not so important areas that don't have cables that 5G won't cover perfectly.
My experience would tell me 2.4G would probably be able to fill that gap but according to Planner it doesn't

I don't want to add extra cabling and extra APs based on the Planner output if its not what will happen in the real world.

Is there a "better" level I should set my 2.4GHz TX power to give me a more real world level?

Also what is the reason for using much higher levels in the US?



New Contributor II
Hi Ram,

Sorry didn't spot your reply there.

Version 8.2 Build 25989
I have added the latest antenna patterns too.

Am I supposed to be able edit the report format? In the manual it says I am but the buttons doesn't do anything.