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virtualizing a zonedirector

New Contributor II

I would like to install two redundant ZoneDirector 1200. My question is :

What specs (RAM, space, CPU etc...) should i give to my virtual machines ?
And also, is there a guide that decribes the best practice of such a project ?

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

Melvyn Guibout

Contributor II
Hi Melvyn,

ZoneDirector (ZD) 1200 is a physical appliance. So, for redundancy you need two ZD 1200s and enable redundancy between them. Up on enabling redundancy one ZD 1200 will act as Active ZD and the other as Standby ZD. 

Hope it answers your question.


Hi Nat,

Thank you for your reply. Is it not possible to have a virtualized controller  ? I thought it was possible to purchase a virtual ZD1200?

Kind Regards,


SmartZone has a virtual controller (vSZ), ZoneDirector doesn't. Maybe check the vSZ documents and see if that's what you're looking for. 


New Contributor II
Jay FIles is right.  You will be looking for a SmartZone virtual controller (vSZ) if you are set on being virtualized.  Be sure to look at SmartZone documentation for limitations and compatibility with any current access points you may have.  If you have older access points they might not be compatible with SmartZone and would also need to be upgraded.