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vSCG Webinterface does not open

New Contributor II
Does anybody know why the webinterface of the vSCG (https://{management-IP-adddress}:8443) does not work. I can ping the management IP and I can login via SSH to the vSCG. But the web browser says: No connection to the server.

New Contributor III
should de socket not be https://{management-IP-adddress}:443 ?
Otherwise check your firewall to see that port is not blocked.

New Contributor II
Hi, I take it from the manual. Therefore it should be https://{management-IP-adddress}:8443.

Telnet to the IP and the Port 8443 says 'Connection refused'.
I disabled the firewall of the router and the firewall of the VMware EsXi.
Does not solve the issue.

New Contributor II
Problem is solved (with the Ruckus support).

If you ever try to install the vSCG with three network interfaces be aware that you configure different subnets for every interface. Otherwise you are not able to connect via the webinterface after the initial setup.