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WatchGuard+ZoneDirector1000 - VLAN

New Contributor
Hi, i have watcghuard xtm2 with external internet on port 2, LAN on port 3 and zonedirector on port 4
Lan network is 192.168.30 dhcp
zonedirector 192.168.31. dhcp
all working fine, all routing and dhcp on watchguard, ZD just for wlan
now i need separate 2 wlans, 192.168.31 for main wlan and 192.168.32 for guest wlan

on watchguard configured 2 vlans, with dhcp, 192.168.31 with vlan id 2 set to send\receive untagged traffic but vlan ID for 192.168.32 is 1234

on ZD configured guest wlan, and set VLAN tagging 1234, and it not working, phone show - "acquiring ip adress", what i do wrong ?

New Contributor III
Untagged VLAN in ZD config is VLAN ID 1. Configure an untagged port in vlan ID 2 on the firewall.

Tagged VLAN in ZD config is VLAN ID 1234. Configure a tagged port in vlan ID 21234 on the firewall.

New Contributor
it both on same physical port with 2 vlans on it, untagged id 2 (working), tagged 1234 (not working)

i do all right on ZD ? need just put VLAN tag on wan network, thats all ?