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vSCG Setup Wizard bootstrapping error.

New Contributor III
When I finish the vSCG Setup Wizard I get a bootstrapping error. I tried factory defaulting and starting over but get the same thing. I'm using the steps in the Getting Started Guide. Anything I should check or do differently?

Contributor II
Jonathan is correct, the issue is the "reload" scg command that is causing the issue. We updated the "Getting Started" guide to reflect this.

Hey Sid, how long usually takes for the bootstrapping phase to finish??

I have done this about 12 times for various test and it usually only takes a few minutes. If it goes on for more than 5 minutes, something went wrong.

Can you open a support ticket? if so I will go ahead and grab the case and will see what I can do to help.


Okey thank you!

can you tell me the URL where I can create a support ticket?