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trying out P2P ZF7731 for bridging want to have two links with one as a failover/redundancy is this possible

New Contributor II
trying out P2P ZF7731 for bridging network between remote Gateway and main network , so we want a couple links with one being a failover in case other goes down is this possible with ZF7731

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi George,
   You can setup two pairs of 7731, in parallel but on different channels, providing double the bandwidth/throughput, and if one 7731 ever lost power/is rebooted, the second link maintains your connectivity.  This is somewhat better than an unused "backup" link.

New Contributor II
sounds good , is it really that easy any other details we need to take care of  or configurations on switches

If mounting the 7731s on the same pole, separate them by at least 1m/3ft...
Depending on switches/features you might be able to load-balance, or STP might shut down one link.

we have a extra  Barracuda link Balancer (hardware) , if we had one for each side would that help with  making  connections  and managing/monitoring  links