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guest access with IIS html page on remote server

New Contributor

here is my issue .....i have a client that wants a guest access network and see a welcome page
that he made by HTML that sits on IIS server (on a remote site some where on the internet)

what is the config that i need to set on the controller + what is the HTML code on that IIS for
it to work.

this is the work flow:
1.the user enters to the WIFI his site that he want to go to , lets say
3.the controller redirects him to the IIS server with the html page.
4.the user press on the "agree , continue " button
5.the IIS redirect the user back to the original site that the user wanted to go to .... in my case

*my controller is ZD1200 ...

for now i have no details about how to do it .....

thanks for any help.