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r700 APs - 2.4 Ghz clients "Unauthorized"

New Contributor III
I have ZD 9.8.3 build 58 and run a WLAN with mostly ZF 7762s that works fine with all clients old and new. Recently I've acquired some R700s and added them to the same WLAN. The R700s seem to only be able to connect 5 GHz clients (newer laptops and phones) - any 2.4 GHz clients trying to connect fail, with ZD showing them as "Unauthorized" even though the passwords are correct. These same clients connect fine to 7762 APs on the same WLAN.

And these are latest generation a-n wifi devices, not old. I've tried a few things like fixing channelization on 2.4 Ghz to 20 but with no luck. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? 

Valued Contributor

Hi Treebert,

Check why the client is unable to connect.

Login to the AP via ssh, then try to connect with the client.

on the AP run the command " get syslog log" and see if there is output.

Also you might need to upgrade to a more recent ZD firmware that still support both models.



New Contributor III

This issue was resolved by upgrading from ZD firmware 9.8.3 build 58 to build 52