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Assign 2 IPs to ZD3000 Controller on 10.2

New Contributor

Is it possible at all to assign an IP in 2 separate subnets on the ZoneDirector? Perhaps via command line?


Valued Contributor II

I don't think it is possible, It is also difficult to imagine  usecase for that... ZD has 2 ports, but they are actually not 2 separate ports, and ZD definitely doesn't work as router - it is not intended to be. You can have additional management address in case of Smart redundancy, but you anyway have only one default agteway, need to have static routes -- don't do it!  

If you need for some reason some routing done before ZD, use any L3 switch or router, if no equipment in place , just add something  cheap but working, such as for example Mikrotik (switch-router  or cloud router -- you'll no find anything on market that cheap with such functionality, and it even really works).

Hope it helps,


The goal is to move APs to a separate "service only" vlan, but still have the management interface accessible from the "normal" vlan, which will have a different default gateway