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"avoided poor internet connetion" with android

New Contributor II

I managed internet connetion in hotel

also hotel has ruckus zonediret and access point(about 100ea)

well,  sometimes our ap has error

specially android device , so i was checked that device wifi config every time has same problem

device can detect our ssid , but it cannot connet ap and has message "avoided poor internet connection"

however internet is working 

my device can use same ap with internet

so i found solution is only enter to device what a static ip

after that device was working

add to opinion

device is not fix status, my andriod device was sometimes working and sometimes got an error

so i am confuse , please help me 


Hi guy,
Try check if all is ok from your DHCP server

 i already check dhcp server  and "avoided poor internet connection" that sentence is on android device.

however only 4-5% android device cannot connect either.

i think that is compatibility problem or zonedirect configuration problem , so i wonder how or what menu is possible to fixing that problem.

and sorry to my english poor  😞

Esteemed Contributor II
What version of controller firmware on your ZoneDirector, and what model of APs do you have (mostly)?

Latest ZD firmware releases include the most bug fixes and enhancements, so a backup/upgrade might be useful.

thanks for comment .

it's firmware ver build 23. what is last version?