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"Google Maps API error:" on ZD 10.x.

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Our partner's enginner have deployed ZD with version 10.x.

But Zd shows error msg as "Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError"
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How it solve and why does SZ show it?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jeronimo, I think your last question is why does your partner see this on ZoneDirector?

ER-5360: ZD1200 on Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

Assumeing there is no network connection issue, it looks like the Google Map server is rejecting the request
and we may not be able to learn the exact reason.  We have discovered the solution is for customers to apply
for either a Google Map API key or a Bing Map API key of their own, and use it instead.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43d135b77e2479da958_7e20279bd3510a3edd14ae52f010c0cf_3266usmrqa_inline-0dde1be6-c043-41e3-92ad-a850c74385eb-2071504680.png1503520630

If you're unable to see this configuration icon if the map loaded failed, you can change the map
setting under Configuration -> System page, like this:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43d135b77e2479da958_28a45efcd2ff2c10780cd1fa116fde08_32661dd3jcg_inline-b6e1e18e-82ac-44e3-939d-db7757ffdece-840582771.png1503520922

We've heard from other customers that their Google Map API key resolved the issue.

Can you/your partner apply and test your own API key in this case and let us know? 
Thanks and best regards.

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Thanks for kindly answer, Micheal.

you are correct. It's my mis-typing.

Whose api key should be applied? anyone's key?


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Hi Micheal.

Thanks for your suggsstion, I have solved map problem.

I get google api using my account, and apply it onto ZD.

And It disappeared error msg.

Thank you.

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 Now Google wants an API key to authenticate users to access their APIs`.
You need to get the API key. Once you get the API key change the previous. 
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