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iPad reauthentication issue...

New Contributor
we have wi-fi setup at work using a zone director, and use guest access, with a hidden SSID, WPA-2 personal, and shared password. It is also setup so that the user must click on a terms and conditions page before using the Wi-Fi. This authentication expires after 8 hours.

Most of our devices have no issues, but most of our iPads seem to have this issue where, once they go to sleep, and the user turns the device on again, they have to re-authenticate every time.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?


At least one other mentioned that they "work around" ruckus authentication / re-authentication problems by using a proxy system. Part of the reason we purchased Ruckus was the built-in functions.

Do you use a specific proxy server?


smoothwall UTM, you wil lfind that it appears to just ipads that have this issue we have tested with android and windows and laptops/netbooks all of these other devices did not appear to be affected by this.

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We've been able to re-produce and have filed a bug against the re-authentication issue when the client roams across channels (2.4Ghz to 5Ghz)

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Much appreciated Keith, most vendors do not participate "officially" and in this manner in customer forums.

Will someone @Ruckus announce where and when the "patch" is available?

Based on my ZD3000 logs, this 2.4 to 5 problem is the most consistent reason that my iPad / iPhone users must re-authenticate. These folks are my noisiest "opinionators."


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How can I tell if a client is connected with 5ghz or 2.4ghz and when they roam between them?