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help the installers log mac/serial for customer

New Contributor
Ruckus needs an easily removed sticker on the AP with serial number and mac address. This will allow installers to stick them on the install plan maps and not have to break out a pen and write a bunch of information down on paper for the customer. Xirrus does this and it is quite convenient.

Valued Contributor
I second that.

New Contributor II
Yes, I agree this would be very handy.

New Contributor II
On top of that, how about an APP that would let you scan it and save the image so you could place them in iBwave or Airmagnet, so the data gets into the As-builts instead of just stuck on a drawing.

New Contributor II
Excellent idea.

Ruckus could add a QR Code sticker to the hardware chassis. The QR Code would contain everything:

- model number
- part number
- serial number
- MAC address
- IP address
- manufacture date
- all other relevant data

We could scan the QR Code with our mobile device. My iPhone has an app that scans QR Codes. Perhaps, Ruckus could create an app for this purpose. We could scan all of our articles (ZDs and ZFs) with our mobile Ruckus app. The app would email the aggregate information on all of the articles, to us. We could copy the data from the email, and, paste it into Word or Excel. Better yet, the app could format the data for us, and, then email both the raw data and a PDF file that contains the formatted data, to us. In turn, we could forward the PDF file to the client.

I have created a formatted Excel template that I use for client installations. Ruckus, I would be happy to share it, with you, for use as a guide.