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New Contributor
Hello we are running and cannot find anymore where to create the URL to generate the guest pass. It looks like it is removed? Before we find it under submenu guest access in build 15.


Contributor II
Hi Tobias,

If you are running a SCG/vSCG in carrier mode you can find a similar feature in the "Identity" tab.  Hover over it and you will see "user/role/subscription packages."  

On a vSCG-Enterprise/SZ100, click on Configuration>Identity (left window pane) and you will see "user/role"

In both cases, click on Users to create "Guest Pass".


New Contributor
Thank you! Running vSCG-Enterprise. But we wish that all users with a domain password can create the guest passwords in an easy way. As before https: // ip / guest pass. Is the feature removed?


Previously, we could configure it in the menu guest access.

thanks again


Contributor II
It's changed a bit, but you can create administrator that can only generate Guest pass of you want, check out:
Click on "Administration> expand "vSCG Enterprise Administrator>Administrator and you can create a new Administrator that can only generate Guest pass.

Click on the "Administrator Role" to modify the current default role capability or to veriry the current setting or create new roles that you want to have new Administrator to be able to do.  Take a look at the different options and play around with the different role and different capabilities.  You can create administrator full access or limited access.  You can very fine granular control over the different capabilities.

Log in as the new "guest pass administrator" and you will see a different view.


New Contributor III
Hi Sid,

We got our one AP Vscg account from our disti in india. I am being told that if i want to create an user to which i can assign a role(role contains only guest pass creation rights). it is not possible...
Can someone confirm?