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disable https on ap's managed by ZD

New Contributor II

I'm running multiple ZD's on 10.x tree and found out that all AP's have https access enabled. Going via AP and AP group settings in ZD, I cannot find any way to disable https access for all AP's besides ssh'ing to each one separately and executing 'set https disable'.. but this doesn't scale very well.

I read in forums that before  on 9.x this was disabled by default, wondering why its turned back on now and how to disable it.


Valued Contributor II
there is a remote AP cli command in ZD through which u can enable/disable or run commands which will get applied to all AP's in one shot. see example below:

ruckus> enable 
ruckus#debugruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set http enable"
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set https enable"

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Thanks for help, but this won't work:
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set https disable"
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set https disable "' execution timeout at f8:e7:1e:2b:f9:b0
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set https disable "' execution timeout at f8:e7:1e:28:05:c0
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set https disable "' execution timeout at f8:e7:1e:2b:f8:60
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set https disable "' execution timeout at f8:e7:1e:2c:98:d0
---- Command 'rkscli -c "set https disable "' execution timeout at f8:e7:1e:2c:95:60
---- Command Execution Summary:
         success: 0
         failure: 5
           total: 5
remote_ap_cli "-A" ""set" "https" "disable""

is it trying to do it over some L2 broadcast? All AP's are connected via L3 ipv4.

New Contributor

Hi there. If I may ask what do you mean https enabled. Is this when logging into the device or used when accessing the logon page portal for the guest landing page or custom landing page with AD authentication ?


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I mean when I access its management ip over 443 port, it promts for user login and would like to disable this www access entirely. 'set https disable' achieves it, but only way to get it working I found is by ssh'ing to ap separately, but I have few hundred ap's under 10+ zd's, so I'm searching way to apply this on group of AP's from ZD.