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Second hand ZD licences

New Contributor
Hi All
My school has a ZD1100 with 12 licences.  If we purchase a second hand ZD1100 with 25 licences will we be able to use our current ruckus WAP's and add a few more?  This is a temporary fix to extend our coverage before we do a proper upgrade to our campus. and start fresh

Any ideas will be welcome.

New Contributor II
Hi Chris,

I should have a ZD1100 to sell within a few weeks if you decided to go this route. 

- Erin

Contributor III
Why are you buying another 1100? Regardless of the price you’re throwing away money. Plus you’re buying a controller that will restrict you to buying older APs. I”d recommend consolidating your old APs and current ZD in part of your space and buying new APs and a 1200 for the other part. If your AP count doesn’t exceed 25 and you have fewer than 512 users, forget the 1200 and just buy Unleashed.