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cannot obtain dhcp address zone director1200 vlan topology

New Contributor
hello, i want to ask, 
i have topology like this

core-switch vlan id 3 connected to zone director 1200
core-switch vlan id 2 connected to AP R310

dhcp pool create in zone director with segmen - 100 /24

if user connect to AP R310 in vlan id 2 , user get dhcp address in vlan id 3,

how i can do that, anyone can help me

vlan id 2 with segmen

Hi Dimas,

Please note if you are using ZD's internal DHCP server, it would provide IP addresses to clients in the same subnet, provided you should have used default settings in the WLAN Configuration. 

In the above case I assume you have used default setting (setting Access VLAN 1) in the WLAN that is the reason clients are getting IP address from VLAN ID 3; if you have configured it as VLAN 2 the clients will not be able to get IP address.

In the above case you need to use External DHCP server. 

Abilash PR 

Thx for your answer, so i have use external dhcp server to resolve my problem? Is there another way to resolve my problem without user external dhcp?

Assume i want to use dhcp pools provide from zone director

Hi Dimas,

The below is from ZD User Guide.

ZoneDirector comes with a built-in DHCP server that you can enable to assign IP
addresses to devices that are connected to it. ZoneDirector’s DHCP server will only
assign addresses to devices that are on its own subnet and part of the same VLAN.

Please use the below link to download the User Guide, and refer page 76.

I am not sure about the configurations on the core switch, if you have connected these APs on core switch then VLAN interface would the reason for AP/ZD communication.

In this case AP, ZD and clients would get IP addresses from VLAN 3 (ZD VLAN), this is because of above reason.

I hope this answers your questions.

I would recommend you to get on call with Tech-Support; who should be able to provide more information regarding this.

Abilash PR.