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can you monitor wlan traffic zd1200

New Contributor II
I'm a newbie to zone director.  We have a zd1200 and I am looking to be able to monitor traffic per wlan.

Is this possible?

Contributor III
You could also use Smart Cell Insight :), and you get way more than just AV. It's like Meraki on steriods

Thanks very much Sean.

New Contributor III
Hi Ross,

We have a series of new videos on the ZoneDirector on our YouTube channel here:

The Module on WLAN Advanced Options (Part 1) describes enabling Application Monitoring:

Once you identify applications, you can view them in the dashboard, with lots of filtering options to refine what you see. You can also set policies to allow or block applications.

 It's a great feature to play around with, easy to manage and gives a very useful level of control to your network.