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can you monitor wlan traffic zd1200

New Contributor II
I'm a newbie to zone director.  We have a zd1200 and I am looking to be able to monitor traffic per wlan.

Is this possible?

Valued Contributor II
what exactly you want to monitor in WLAN traffic?If you want to see what user was doing on X website then not doable at this time...if you want to see what all major applications accessed on wifi by an user that is doable... for this you need to enable application visibility...

just for reading and various nuts n bolts in application visibility feature:
exact steps where to find them in ZD, you need refer to ZD user guide...

also if you want to see what an user did on the website, you would need an firewall at gateway level...

New Contributor II
Thank you that was most helpful  I'll look into application visibility