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building Wifi board ?

New Contributor

I need major help here .

Im studing in enginnering school in Stockholm (sweden).
My teachers gave me a Project where i have to build wifi from scratch. They are not allowing me to but finished wifi-modules,
only things they are allowing me to buy is wifi chip and wifi processor and some other Components.
What i need help with is some kind of wifi schematic to understand easily to build a wifi, + which type of processor and wifi chip to choose!

The wifi has to be multicasting and not unicasting

Please help me

Thnx !

Valued Contributor II
Ruckus Wireless employs Smartcast and you can start from here -

Most of the enterprise OEM employs Atheros chipset and and some broadcom and if you want to find out which AP uses which chipset then check out below blog for more

Rest of the info can be given by Ruckus Wireless Sales Engineer as they are frequently asked in tenders etc and some under NDA. Its at their discretion as yours IS Educational project and NOT commercial.

Best of luck with your project.