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ZoneFlex GA Release Now Available

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Highlights of this Release

From What's New in ZoneFlex 9.7:

The ZoneFlex software release 9.7 provides Enterprises, HotZone Operators and Managed Service Providers a higher performing, more reliable, and easier to deploy and use way of providing wireless access to diverse groups of users across multiple locations. The new features and enhancements in this release include:

• Support for ZoneFlex 7441 802.11n Access Point for In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems
• Autonomous WLANs
• WIPS Enhancements
• Smart Client Single Redirection
• SmartWay Bonjour Gateway
• Spectralink Optimization
• ChannelFly Enhancements
• Ekahau Support
• Full Layer 2 Client Isolation
• Radar Avoidance Pre-Scanning
• DHCP Server with Smart Redundancy
• Force DHCP on WLAN
• Radius Disconnect Message Enhancement
• Addition of Bahrain, Kenya and Qatar Country Codes
• FlexMaster Indoor Floor Plans
• FlexMaster Archive of ZoneDirector Backup to FTP

This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: ZF2942 Upgrade to caues problems

New Contributor
Hi. Is this the most stable, recommended version for a new zd3000 going into production on Monday? also, what does the GA signify? thanks.

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Hi George,

GA means "General Availability" and signifies that it's the first version of a major release that we publish to the website. They would be numbered like - that bold zero indicates it's the first release. Subsequent Maintenance Releases (MR's) would be numbered like

MR's include fixes that either were identified too late to make it into the GA build but were not considered "blockers" or include fixes to issues identified after the release. (One reason 9.7 was late is we developed more stringent definition of blockers in an effort to improve quality)

It's our goal that the majority of customers are able to run a GA release in production without concerns. And in fact 9.7 is looking very much like we met that goal - well over 1000 downloads to date and no major issues identified so far (yes I still have my fingers crossed..)

However, if you don't need the features that were introduced in 9.7, such as the Bonjour gateway, then I think a more conservative stance would be to use the latest MR of 9.6 instead (in this case 9.6.2 which was recently released and has also proven of high quality). 9.6.2 has had more "soak time" and therefore we can assign a higher confidence to it.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I have a question,
Is the new FW (9.7) is aviable ? I try to update a zd1100 and a 3000,
but i can't, the 1100 stay on a 9.5FW and the 3000 on a 9.6...
Did i miss something ?

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@Jean-Pierre - if you are using the Check for Updates function - there is a bug in 9.5 that prevented it from working and we've decided to deprecate it moving forward. As originally designed the feature is no longer sophisticated enough to be useful as it cannot account for multiple release trains, AP dependencies, etc. We are working on a more intelligent capability for the future.

Just visit our support site for the latest updates. 9.7 is available now. You will need to have an account with Premium access and this article should help if you run into any issues