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ZoneFlex GA Release Now Available

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Highlights of this Release

From What's New in ZoneFlex 9.7:

The ZoneFlex software release 9.7 provides Enterprises, HotZone Operators and Managed Service Providers a higher performing, more reliable, and easier to deploy and use way of providing wireless access to diverse groups of users across multiple locations. The new features and enhancements in this release include:

• Support for ZoneFlex 7441 802.11n Access Point for In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems
• Autonomous WLANs
• WIPS Enhancements
• Smart Client Single Redirection
• SmartWay Bonjour Gateway
• Spectralink Optimization
• ChannelFly Enhancements
• Ekahau Support
• Full Layer 2 Client Isolation
• Radar Avoidance Pre-Scanning
• DHCP Server with Smart Redundancy
• Force DHCP on WLAN
• Radius Disconnect Message Enhancement
• Addition of Bahrain, Kenya and Qatar Country Codes
• FlexMaster Indoor Floor Plans
• FlexMaster Archive of ZoneDirector Backup to FTP

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Mac or PC? I tested from my Mac with FF v26 and it rendered correctly. Maybe try clear-cache browser restart trick?

Win 7 PC

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The has been updated from initial release.

Keith (because you answer almost everything!): is there anything to know about this compared to original or is it so minor that I shouldn't worry my pretty little head about it? Just curious.

Had a look at release notes but couldn't figure out the difference.

5.3.xx issues resolved numbering rejiggged.
6.2.15 trial licences section removed.

so just documentation cleanup then?

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@Max - I think you were on the LCS release? It's recommended that participants in LCS always upgrade to the GA upon release. There were several bug fixes applied. is the GA release and we have not modified it since release (an evil practice known as 'slipstreaming' - we always re-number if there is a change)

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Upgrading standalone 2942 AP from to makes only troubles for us.
I have 2x 2942 standalone AP's. After upgrade both of them needed factory reset to gain access to the web console. Also I had to reconfigure from scratch.
Thats bad...
But after upgrade I faced issues where all connected clients suddenly become disconnected clients.. I had no time to investigate this issue further, so I downgraded my AP's to