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Client device types via SNMP

New Contributor

I am currently using Cacti to do some historical graphing of some of our ZoneDirector data via SNMP: Client count, unique clients, that sort of stuff. One item that I would like to begin graphing is the types of devices (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.) that are connecting to our system.

While I can see that there's a pie chart widget available on the ZD Dashboard to show the client type, I'd like to know if it's possible for these numbers to be obtained via SNMP polling. I know that I can gather a good bit of info about client connections (what VLAN they're on, Tx/Rx stats, and so on), but in my snmpwalks, I haven't seen anything that really looks like a device type designation?

Is that info stored anywhere in SNMP? If so, where can I find it?



Contributor III
That info is available via the commandline.
(but not via SNMP, AFAIK)
Here's a script that will pull it down.