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ZoneDirector - SmartRedundancy Failover kills my Wireless Connection

Contributor III

I tried the SmartRedundancy Feature.
Really easy Setup. But i realized one Problem.

If my Active ZD goes down all my Clients loosing their Wireless Connection for about 20 Seconds. It seems all my APs reconnect to the new ZD and reenable all SSIDs which cause this Network Outage. Same happens if i do a Failover from one ZD to the other.

Is this by Design? It whould be smarter if there is no Wireless Network Outage.
Maybe my Setup is faulty.

Please help.
Best Regards

Esteemed Contributor II
Great question Marco,

It depends on the type of WLAN authentication used is a short answer. APs will
recognize when the primary ZD is no longer available, and will connect with the new
ZD, and reboot when provisioned by it. WLANs are redeployed every time the AP
has to re-join a ZD, whether by SR, forced failover, or pulling the plug on active ZD.
The typical AP reconnect and resume service period might be 15-20 seconds.

SR ZD pairs share some client state information, like web-auth, but do not share
802.1x states, meaning clients will need to fully re-auth thru RADIUS if they were
using 802.1x. There is ongoing development to share these client states too, but
we're not there yet.

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KBA-1932: Synchronized information when ZD's are in SR mode

The below configuration changes (except some system specific information such as IP address) will be synchronized when the Zone Directors are in Smart Redundancy mode.

1.Guest Pass generation/activation

2.Dynamic PSK generation/activation

3.Web Portal client Authentication status

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Hi Michael,

thanks for your Reply.
Oh... i have some really other great questions for some Ruckus Features, too... ;)

I know in Cisco's Redundancy Feature there is no Network Outage if one Controller fails. Unfortunatelly i think Ruckus is really really cool. So it whould be also really cool, Ruckus can do so, too.
Maybe there is the Possibility (in Future Firmware Releases) that the Ruckus APs realize the new ZoneDirector is just the Backup-One without re-deploy all WLANs and without an Wireless Outage.

Maybe there is a way...


Esteemed Contributor II
Product Marketing is definitely looking to expand our ZD redundancy capabilities.