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ZoneDirector MGMT web page not responding

New Contributor II
I have a strange one here. I am able to login into my zone director via SSH but unable to log in via https... Not sure when the https stopped working, but it did at least a month ago. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Patrick ,

Are you not able to get the page or it stops responding after some time ? could you post the print screen ?

Check if the TCP destination ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and
HTTPS) are open .


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New Contributor II
Yes according to nmap ports 80 and 443 are open. Pings are successful and like I said SSH works. Via SSH i can login, look at configs and such. When you try to open a web browser to the IP the browser times out. Nothing i can take a screen print of other than explorer, firefox, and chrome saying they timed out waiting for a response.

Valued Contributor
I know you've said "a month ago" but just checking... everything else working, ie wireless clients no interruption, authenticating okay?

Can you physically see your ZD, all leds greeny yellow indicating normal operation?

New Contributor II
Yep, currently about 500Mb to 600Mb of customer traffic still working. Physical inspection is good, all lights are green that should be, yellow or red that I could see.