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ZoneDirector + Captive Portal + External Radius Server

New Contributor
Hi guys!

I need to setup a system where authentication (username + password) from Captive portal have to work on an external Radius Server through ZD.

I configured external RADIUS Server, hotspot and WLAN on ZD for that.
I also provided captive portal as it was described in the document "Enabling WISPr (Hotspot Services)
in the ZoneDirector".

The key moment in that document is that captive portal gives username/password to ZD in a such way:

http://’ + get_param(“sip”) + ‘:9997/login”>’);

But unfortunately this scheme didn't work for some reason.
May be someone have any guess why?

Please tell:
- are port and link configurable somewhere in ZD? (I'm about ”9997/login”)
- is there a document where this API (actually whole API) is described?
- actually subnets of ZD and mobile with captive portal are different. Does mobile in another subnet have access to ZD automatically or I have to do something for that in ZD configuration?
- ...

Thank you very much in advance!